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Class Objectives

Elfriede Jelinek meets Christian Dior - in an interdisciplinary scenic project between fashion students and Cours Florent acting students in the 3rd semester a performative encounter takes place: Based on an original Dior dress from the Museum of Decorative Arts, new genderfluid one-size garments will be created to accompany an exploration of texts by Elfriede Jelinek under the artistic direction of actress and lecturer Laina Schwarz. Following the vernissage, the work will continue to be part of the exhibition as a video installation.

Mentor: Prof. R. Lehniger

Mitra Adib-Moghaddam

Lukas Blaukovitsch

Zozan Comak

Elie Feller

Marcel Geiger

Celina Jönßon

Lina Kaldenbach

Franzisca Kussmaul

Cédric Linden

Gregor Nield

Melina Mertens

Yousuf Khan

Monika Petruschin

Franziska Steigleder

Megan Thanheiser

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