Fashion illustrations inspired by Dior

Fashion Design, Fashion Illustration 2, 4. Semester

Mentor: Daniela Blüml

Fashion Design student work, illustration models

Fashion Design, Fashion Illustration 2, 4. Semester

Mentor: Jasmin Wottke

Fashion Design student work, illustration
Class Objectives

Dior offers a rich treasure trove of creations that have borne a distinctive, artistic signature over decades. In the module Fashion Illustration II, students deepen their illustrative skills and learn to apply them methodically to support the design process. Dior's iconic designs and silhouettes got reinterpreted through the creative process. 

After prior creative research, using analogue, traditional drawing media and methods such as ink, watercolour, pastel, as well as mixed techniques, initial figurines and designs were created, thus establishing a technical craft foundation. Draping on the dressmaker's dummy and collages complement and complete the design approaches. 

Subsequently, this analogue research was combined with digital creative means. Designs were duplicated, experimentally modified, refined and designed with self-created patterns and prints as well as colours. 

At the end of the course, from a large number of designs, sketches and illustrations a coherent collection was selected and presented. 

Mentor: D. Blüml

Jennifer Ahrens

Luis Amslgruber

Eray-Can Bayraktaroglu

Thang Manh Do

Maurizio-Paul Hirmer

Luise Köhne

Melisa Mert

Sarah Schiermeier

Alexis Thelen

Nikolas Wunderlich

Marija Zgonjanin

Yan Zholdak 

Mentor: J. Wottke

Besiana Lokaj

Céline-Solange Lichtmeß

Emily Westmann

Felicia Dieckelmann

Kristina Vartanova

Lazarela Ostojic

Marlon Schrön

Melba Dreher

Michelle Baensch

Patrick Brodschelm

Redife Ibrahimi

Selin Bardakcioglu

Sophia Theresa Wirp
Verena Stier
Victoria Glogasa

Study program:

The course Fashion Illustration II is about developing professional skills in illustration. The freedom to use a wide range of drawing materials enables new ways of representing the designs and their application on an analogue and digital level.

In the context of the collaboration with the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin to plan an exhibition about Dior, Macromedia students were given an insight into the historical archives of the museum. We were able to get a first impression of the original, unmistakable shapes, materials, poses and presentations. Expanded research continued on digital platforms.

We then worked out figurines and drapes with different surfaces as well as self-developed prints and abstract collages. The historical silhouettes served as an inspiration, but were given a new, individual coat of paint and supplemented by research from the course Fashion Design III. The works resulting from this process were put together to create a holistic design approach.

In the work process, various drawing media gave the opportunity to pool creativity centrally and to freely express the spirit of invention in all its facets. They create limitless new worlds and give life to the designs. They are the illustration of individual creativity on the earthly world. A-line or a draped onion skin can say more than words could ever describe. They form a universally applicable key and transcend the limits of all known means of communication on a visual level. They are the designers' temporary fingerprint.

Student impression:

Student: Maurizio-Paul Hirmer