This is so contemporary... 80's are calling
This is so contemporary…why back to the 50s!? 

Fashion Design, Fashion Project 1, 2. Semester

Mentor: Prof. Dunja Marija Kopi

Fashion Design student presenting and wearing own work
Class Objectives

Fashion Design, Fashion Project 1, 2. Semester

Mentor: Prof. Dunja Marija Kopi

Fashion Design student presenting and wearing own work

Fashion Design, Fashion Project 1, 2. Semester

Mentor: Prof. Dunja Marija Kopi

Historical building, zero hour post-war Germany

The students of the 2nd semester developed collection concepts under analytical consideration of contemporary discussions in relation to gender roles as well as gender norms and identities.

From the insights gained, a critical comparative moment was created with the image of women by Christian Dior primarily through the NEW LOOK.


By breaking down the most concise indications of the silhouettes of the house of DIOR between the 1950s and 1980s and taking into account time-based global trends in society, culture and politics, an investigation was made into any validity for a contemporary and relevant collection.


The individual, thematic, theoretical explorations and visual research were complemented by the formal aesthetic application of pattern cut-based, material manipulative and processing design methods, resulting in valid vestimental expressions.


The realized and in four groups completed collections underwent a photographic visualisation in form of a coherent fashion photography series.

Mentor: Prof. D. Kopi

Vanessa May Dang

Tim Hendricks

Sarina Müller

Jonas Neubert

Thao Nguyen Phuong

Valerie Schmidt

Cansu Turgut

Viola Volterra

Fashion Design, Fashion Project 1, 2. Semester
Prof. Alena Bartschat

Fashion Design student presenting and wearing own work
Class Objectives

"top down and bottom up"


Change of perspective: From below to above. What lurks beneath the zoom shirt?

The mock incarnation of the breast image is followed by waist-down dressing. A revolution of skirts?


In the foreground of inspiration is the work of Christian Dior paired with contemporary developments in fashion and society (gender role models, diversity, sustainable consumption, body positivity, etc) against the backdrop of the Corona Pandemic.


We dare to look ahead to the post Corona era!

What remains? What will come back? What will be our new look?

Mentor: Prof. A. Bartschat

Jannik Bruns
Jacques Leo Maurin
Linnea Von Mahren
Lilly Wolf

˝Couch Potato's New Look˝
- a post-Corona utopia inspired by the work of Christian Dior

Study program:

Study program:

The second semester of our study program Fashion Design was dedicated to Dior. Our task in the course Fashion Project I, led by Prof. Dunja Kopi, was to transfer the New Look of Dior into a contemporary context. The photographic implementations of the resulting collections by Vanessa May Dang, Tim Hendricks, Jonas Neubert, Phuong Thao Nguyen and Viola Volterra can be seen.


At the beginning of the project, we discussed the work and influence of Christian Dior in the fashion world as well as the corresponding historical references. We researched Dior's designs that particularly inspired us. We also had the task of making comparisons between the 1950s and the 1980s.


We organized ourselves in four groups, each consisting of two members.

Two groups concentrated on the 1950s and two groups on the 1980s, relating the political, social, and cultural events of the respective decades. The design methods of accumulation, deconstruction, and reconstruction as well as the play of proportions served as the starting point for the implementation of our collections.


To find information on the respective topics, we talked to our parents or grandparents, went to libraries, even found objects from the 50s or 80s at home and researched the Internet. Within the groups, we then took our research results together and evaluated them. We created mood boards and research boards, which guided our work. They helped us to create the final collections and thus maintain a coherent concept within the group.

In this context, we were able to start the specific design process. With the help of basic cuts, draperies and/or pieces of clothing, we approached the design of our collection items, whereby we did not ignore the challenge of creating a piece of clothing based on a shirt and completing it with a hybrid piece of clothing.


Driven by the joy and inspiration we had by creating our first individual collection, we spent many nights working. We visualized the resulting collections in photo series, for whose content, such as styling, accessories, models, imagery, and storytelling, we were also responsible.

Student impression:

Student: Jonas Neubert