Licht im Kasten
Fashion Design Project, student work, fitting
Fashion Design Project, student work, fitting
Class Objectives

In this interdisciplinary project, fashion students created garments together with and for the acting students of Cours Florent. The outfits are based on a Dior dress of the Kunstgewerbemuseum. The new creations are genderless and designed to fit different body sizes. The performance is inspired by Jelinek's text "Das Licht im Kasten".

Mentors: Prof. K. Violante, Laina Schwarz

Jennifer Ahrens

Thang Manh Do

Maurizio-Paul Hirmer

Luise Köhne

Melisa Mert

Nikolas Wunderlich

Marija Zgonjanin

Study program:

The interdisciplinary project comprises a collaboration of fashion design students in the 5th semester of Atelier Chardon Savard and acting students in the 3rd semester of Cours Florent at the Macromedia University in Berlin. The project was led by Prof. Karolin Violante and Laina Schwarz. The idea behind the project was based on a collaboration with the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin for an exhibition about Dior. For this purpose, students from Cours Florent developed a performance that traces back to the work “Das Licht im Kasten” by Elfriede Jelinek. This performance was integrated into the exhibition concept as a video installation.

The task of the fashion design students was to dress the acting students. A dress by Dior from 1978 served as an inspiration for this challenge. Based on this dress archived in the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin, new gender-fluid pieces were created.


From my point of view, this project contributes significantly to interdisciplinary communication among students from different departments and at the same time strengthens the potential of interdisciplinary cooperation. General requirements in the formal project framework, such as adherence to strict schedules, gave the students an authentic insight into real working life and thus increased personal discipline. "How To Dior means working like Dior".

Student impression:

Student: Thang Manh Do