Dior Dress
Class Objectives

Students have the chance to work with an original Dior pattern (summer collection 1978 ), owned by the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin.

They use screen printing and other textile embellishment techniques to investigate how the textile surface changes the impression of the garment, even if it is the same cut every time.

Mentor: Prof.K.Violante,

English speaking class

Faizah Al Safwan

Teena Christopher

Ana Lucia Diaz Pacheco

Eiríkur Erlingsson

Isabel Faulkner

Sofia Gillespie

Vilhelm Hallberg

Yoice Hoxha

Lea Hoai Anh Huber

Olivia Katarina Ladisic Manzano

Barbara Le Nart

Luciana Martinez Scoggins

Anshini Nundloll

Manuel Ofori

Adar Omar

Neethu Saji Mathew

Victoria Schmidt

Ann Mary Jacob Vazhappilly

Leonard Volossov

Mahmoud Wallani

Ai Yoshida

Mentor: Prof.K.Violante,

German speaking class

Vanessa May Dang

Tim Hendricks

Sarina Müller

Jonas Neubert

Phuong Thao Nguyen

Valerie Schmidt

Cansu Turgut

Viola Volterra

Julius Wiemann Raffeiner

Study program:

The main objective of our class in Laboratory Experimental Textiles was a homage on Christian Dior by creating a floral pattern inspired by the house of Dior. Every student had to print their pattern onto the same dress design from Dior that we researched in an historical archive. I first started to experiment with different floral motifs from a book of traditional patterns which my mentor gave to me before moving to Berlin. Afterwards I tried various printing techniques that Prof. Violante conscientiously taught us and experimented with various mediums, either digital or analog.


I drew inspiration for my pattern design from Edith Piaf’s song La vie en Rose. When I think about Dior I think about France and to me Edith Piaf is, much like Dior, the epitome of all things that are French. With many great designers having worked for Dior over the past decades the fashion house has experienced various changes and variations. Edith Piaf’s chanson has also been the subject of many wonderful covers and artists interpretation such as by Louis Armstrong, Grace Jones and more recently Lady Gaga. Much like the song, Dior has gone through multiple currents of influences throughout the decades which shows us that fashion is always evolving and changing.


The pattern consists of roses and a weeping face with the words "La Vie en Dior," a word play by using the lyrics of La Vie en Rose and the name Dior.

I wanted to portray the essence of seeing the world through the eyes of Dior.

I would finally like to thank Macromedia Hochschule and the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin for this wonderful collaboration. Having the chance to exhibit our creative models at such an early stage in our creative careers is profoundly valuable and for that I am forever grateful.

Student impression:

Student: Eiríkur Erlingsson

Fashion Design student, model presenting Dior dress
Fashion Design paper drafts Dior dress
Fashion Design student work, illustration Dior dress
Fashion Design student work, pattern Dior dress
Fashion Design student working process, screen print pattern Dior dress
Fashion Design student, presenting work, dress
Pattern of dress, student work
Pattern of dress, student work
Pattern of dress, student work
Sewing, Fashion Design student work
Fashion Design student work, dress