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"How to Dior. Christian Dior and his successors" 

The website was created as part of a two-semester university cooperation between the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences and the Berlin Museum of Decorative Arts in 2021. It is designed as a media extension of the special exhibition "How to Dior. Christian Dior and his Successors" in the Fashion Cabinet of the Museum of Decorative Arts. The collaboration was led by Prof. Karolin Violante (Professor of Fashion Design at Macromedia University / Atelier Chardon Savard) and Dr. Katrin Lindemann (Curator of the Museum of Decorative Arts Berlin). The cooperation involved 122 students from the university under the direction of 10 professors from 4 courses of study. In addition to the Fashion Design B.A. program, this included the Fashion Management (B.A.), Communication Design (B.A.) and Acting B.A. programs. Over 100 student works became part of the exhibition as fashion exhibits or as elements of exhibition scenography and communication. 

Involved in the cooperation 

Project management Museum of Decorative Arts: Dr. Katrin Lindemann, Dr. Fabian Fröhlich 
Project management university: Prof. Karolin Violante 

Exhibition Dior curated by: Dr. Katrin Lindemann (Museum of Decorative Arts Berlin) 
Exhibition Macromedia University curated by: Prof. Karolin Violante and Prof. Tutia Schaad 

Web concept and design: Damira Pilizota and Savina Urdarska, Communication Design students (B.A.), under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Stegmann and support by Prof. Dr. Kristin Hahn, Prof. Dunja Kopi, Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck; Consulting: Daniel Rosengarten and Yvonne Geister, Web Editors National Museums in Berlin 

Key Visual: Lilli Gänsbauer, student of Communication Design (B.A.) 

Professors: Prof. Alena Bartschat, Prof. Dr. Kristin Hahn, Prof. Andreas Herrmann, Prof. Dunja Kopi, Prof. Robert Lehniger, Prof. Tutia Schaad, Prof. Tanja Schmitt-Fumian, Prof. Thomas Stegmann, Prof. Suzan Terzioglu, Prof. Karolin Violante 

Lecturers: Nele Brackert, Daniela Blüml, Theo Grassl, Tina Müller, Laina Schwarz, Yvonne Wadewitz, Jasmin Wottke, Tosca Wyss  

Technical assistance: Felicia Brandt, Henriette Dresbach, Sanja Lukenda, Sebastien Stolarczyk 

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