Student Initiatives
Website Design

Student Initiative Projects are interdisciplinary work that students choose by themselves. Many students decided to work on the exhibition How to Dior as a part of their Student Initiative project. Even the website you are at now is student work.

Website design, How to Dior exhibition, Macomedia, Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin

Damira Pilizota

Savina Urdarska

Mentor: Prof. T. Stegmann

Anyone who ever built a website knows that building one is a huge task. This website wasn't an exception. Savina and I took this immense task under us, and we are remarkably proud to present the finished product.

The website design is based on the exhibition poster and follows the poster's aesthetic and general design decisions. The main goal of the website was to allow equal space of representation for both Macromedia and the Kunstgewerbemuseum. Additionally, the website is a promotional tool that serves the purpose of explaining the main idea behind the exhibition and offers a preview of the artwork that one can see at the museum.

Working on this project meant long hours, short deadlines and a forever going to-do list. Luckily, our mentor professor Thomas Stegmann, along with other amazing Macromedia professors and the museum team, was there to guide us and help when necessary. I need to acknowledge the honour I got as a fifth-semester Media and Communication Design student. To work on such an amazing project of huge importance is nothing but a privilege for which I'm grateful. This whole experience was a roller coaster ride, with its ups and downs from which I came out as a stronger and more experienced designer.

Student impression:

Student: Damira Pilizota

How to Dior – The Poster
How to Dior Poster design, Fashion exhibition Kunstgewerbemuseum, Macromedia, Berlin

Lilli Gänsbauer

Mentor: Prof. T. Schmitt-Fumian,

Prof. T. Schaad, Prof. K. Violante

How to Dior? That is the key question here. And that is exactly what the Dior exhibition at the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin is about. What better way to get to the bottom of this question than, in the truest sense of the word, to dismantle the brand into its individual parts.


The first idea came from the media design student group “Dior in Print” at the Macromedia Campus in Munich. The group planned to "catch Dior on paper" in all its facets: to visually represent the aspects of the brand in a comprehensive way. Through a close exchange with the professors of the Macromedia Campus in Berlin, Karolin Violante and Tutia Schaad, as well as the curator Dr. Lindemann and those in charge of the Kunstgewerbemuseum, Dr. Fabian Fröhlich and Tobis Renner, a unique visual representation arose from this first idea, which invites you to the exhibition.


During this in-depth iteration process, there was not only an exciting visual end product, but also the opportunity to include the poster as part of the exhibition and thus to show all sides of Dior even more impressively.

Student impression:

Student: Lilli Gänsbauer

Planung Ausstellung

Researching the work that Christian Dior left his fashion house, students at Macromedia University switched into the role of a creative director.

The students were inspired by the large number of previous creative fashion collections of the brand as well as Christian Dior himself. During this creative process, items of clothing of various types and processing were created. Textile prints inspired by nature, body-hugging and distant cuts, exclusively selected or created fabrics interpret what the successors of Christian Dior want to express with the phenomenon of fashion.

Visitors to the exhibition can look forward to a journey through the creative process of the fashion designer, right through to the final artefact.

Immerse yourself and explore the world of Christian Dior through the eyes of his successors.

Student impression:

Student: Nikolas Wunderlich

Actors, Macromedia, Fashion Design, Poster, Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin

Nikolas Wunderlich

Mentor: Prof. K. Violante