Hommage on DIOR 2021
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Class Objectives

For this class, the students were inspired by Dior and visualized their individual interpretations through a creative design of a skirt.

They conducted research on the house of DIOR to discover the key elements and the DNA of the brand. The focus was on the design of a skirt. After creating draft sketches in the research book, the selected design was created by modifying the basic skirt cut and processing it in nettle.

Mentor: T. Wyss,

English speaking class

Faizah Al Safwan

Teena Christopher

Ana Lucia Diaz Pacheco

Eiríkur Erlingsson

Isabel Faulkner

Sofia Gillespie

Vilhelm Hallberg

Yoice Hoxha

Lea Hoai Anh Huber

Olivia Katarina Ladisic Manzano

Barbara Le Nart

Luciana Martinez Scoggins

Tal Nehushtai

Anastassia Nerodenkova

Anshini Nundloll

Manuel Ofori

Adar Omar

Neethu Saji Mathew

Victoria Schmidt

Nitya Sharma

Ann Mary Jacob Vazhappilly

Leonard Volossov

Julius Wiemann Raffeiner

Mahmoud Wallani

Ai Yoshida

Mentor: Y. Wadewitz

German speaking class

Vanessa May Dang

Kseniia Goriunova

Levinia Viviane  Grabhorn

Tim Hendricks

Sarina Müller

Jonas Neubert

Phuong Thao Innet Nguyen

Valerie Schmidt

Cansu Turgut

Viola Volterra

Study program:

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Tailoring Hamburg Macromedia

As a foreign student in an international class, I approach projects with the desire to weave details of home into my work. When our class was to develop a floral print for the vintage Dior dress we’d recreate, I focused on the California poppy, printing and painting it onto the cotton.


For my skirt, I took inspiration from one House of Dior spring/summer 1947 dress titled “Chérie”, characterised by its waistline—dozens of tiny, uniform pleats of silk that create immense volume when released of their stitches at the hip line.


This texture reminded me of the hard, round and ridged seed capsule of an unopened poppy flower, whose shape inspired the rest of my design. Rather than allow the skirt to fall naturally into an A-line shape, I created a second and mirrored tier at knee-length, so that the longest seam produces a protruding volume, that is cinched — but not too tightly —

by the band at the hem.

Student impression:

Student: Isabel Faulkner